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Mortgage Application Requirements

Q.  What documents do I need to apply for a BMC mortgage?

A.  The documents needed by an applicant differs according to the type of loan that an applicant

requests, below are a list of required essentials that are required along with an application.  N.B

Written in blue is the specifications necessary for each document.


House Plans & Specifications (2)

Construction Estimates (At least 2 From A Government Approved Builder)

Inspection Certificate from Ministry of Works (For Work in Place)

Administration Fee

Appraisal Report/Survey Report

Inspection of Property

Purchase Agreement

Property Ownership Documentation

Closing Cost/Down Payment/Equity

Credit/Bank Reference

Employment Verification (Affidavit Of Income For Self-Employed)

Inspection Fee

Life Insurance & Assignment (Personal or BMC Life Insurance)

Loan Printout (For Loans With Other Financial Institutions)

Proof of Bahamian Citizenship

Marriage Certificate

National Insurance Card

Rental Receipts (If Renting At Present)

Salary Verification Slip

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